Project Description

SS 304 100 Micron 150 Wire Mesh Screen

SS 304 100 Micron Wire Mesh Screen offers high filtering efficiency, low-pressure loss, constant mesh opening, good dimensional stability, high open surface area, and good fireproof property.

SS 304 100 Micron Wire 150 Mesh Screen products used:

Chemicals: acid solution filtration, chemical experiments, chemical particulate filter, gas filter corrosive, caustic dust filtration
Oil: oil purification, oil mud filtration, separation of impurities, etc.
Medicine: Chinese medicine decoction filtration, solid particulate filtration, purification, and other drugs
Electronics: Circuit board framework, electronic components, battery acid, radiation module
Printing: Ink filtration, carbon filtration, purification, and other toners
Equipment: vibrating screen

Filtration Degree of stainless steel wire mesh

When stainless steel wire mesh is used as a stainless steel filter mesh, it can block the small diameter size of most solid particles, which is called the filtration degree of stainless steel wire mesh.

The filtration of a stainless steel wire mesh is its mesh size. The actual value of the mesh size directly affects the degree of filtering. There are three types of stainless steel screens: normal filtration degree, filtration degree, and actual filtration degree.
The filtration Degree of Sieve 150 Mesh is 100 micron.

Specifications U.S. Metric
Mesh Size 150 per in 150 per 25.4 mm
Wire Diameter 0.0024 in 0.06 mm
Opening 0.0039 in 0.100 mm
Opening Microns 100 100
Weight / sq.m 0.5952 lb 0.27 kg

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