The winter girl took a light pace and quietly stepped into the world, laying a thin veil on the ground.
In winter, everything sleeps, the flowers fade, and the leaves fade. But there is the plum that Ling Han alone stands proudly. The ice and snow forest is in this body, different peaches and plums are mixed with the dust. It is not as beautiful as roses, but can stand proud in the snow; it is not as fragrant as jasmine, but can be opened in the cold. A group of groups, competing in an open group, fighting for beauty, beautiful! And the daffodil, which is known as the Lingbo Fairy, is fascinating when the flowers are dying, facing the cold winter, and the fragrance is refreshing. Like the slim girl, it is very popular.
In winter, there are not only plum blossoms standing proudly in the snow and snow, but also the narcissus that is open in the cold, and the white angel who is innocent.

The winter morning is so quiet, the goose-like snow is swelling underground. Salt salt can be made in the air, if the catkins are up because of the wind. The white, innocent, snowflake is like a naughty little elf everywhere; it is like a crystal butterfly dancing in the air; A delicate and chic graphic. It’s really ingenious and unbeatable!
Overnight, the earth was covered in silver. Hey, the houses of big and small are enchanted and the roof is completely white. The snow on the branches is strange. Oh, some are like white cotton balls; some are like blooming flowers, and some are like butterflies.
After the snow stopped, we rushed into the embrace of nature like a bird that had just come out of the cage, enjoying the blessings of nature. The boys smashed the snow into a ball and threw it at each other. Oh, a silver flower blooms on the head of that person. This is a fun and exciting snowball game. The girl is happily building a snowman. After a while, the snowmen were piled up, and they jumped around the snowman, and they were very happy. On campus, from time to time, the sound of reading from the classroom was heard. During the class, the quiet playground suddenly became lively. Some of the classmates are playing snowballs; some are playing games; some are playing and playing with each other…
Some people like the spring of blooming flowers; some people like the hot summer; others like the fruitful autumn; but I like the winter in the silver, prefer the plums and narcissus that stand proudly in the snow. And that white snow!