Yesterday I went to the hospital to take medicine, I saw hospital patients with abnormal today in the hospital, I see it again, as if a little familiar, curiosity drove me to ask the one sitting next to me dressed in white shirt, with the ladies cap, the old lady looks very kindly, and then just know, these patients are diarrhea, vomiting, and signs of poisoning, but don’t know the cause of poisoning, and they lived in De Ming Community, I am worried now, because I also lived there.

This incident aroused the concern of the police. In order to investigate the incident, the police went door to door, asking if there were any suspicious people they had contact with recently or any unclean food they ate. The answer is no. All at once the panic set in. Later in a casual chat, living in the community of a woman suddenly remembered that their family has been using the water purifier to engage in activities, it changed a new, that day the community of many other people also changed into a new type of water purifier. Because the storefront of the water purifier is very close to our community, so most residents in our community use his water purifier.

My family is no exception. The lady carefully thought about it. it seems that the water purifier was changed before the discomfort began. So the police investigated the households that had replaced the water purifiers and found that the water quality of the households that had replaced the water purifiers was not up to standard, which led to the physical discomfort. Later, I checked this new water purifier and found that the quality of the filter wire mesh was very poor and there was no way to filter out harmful impurities in the water. The store said the filter wire mesh in the new water purifier had been changed. Before the use of filter wire mesh from De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. There have never been any problems, the filter effect is very good. Materials are high-quality stainless steel wire, quality through strict control. After this accident, the sale of this water purifier is particularly poor, for this boss is particularly regretful. The filter wire mesh still chooses De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. The quality is high. The price is good. You deserve it.