Stainless steel wire mesh is one of our company’s main products, but also one of our company’s most frequently shipped products. Almost every day in the workshop can see the workers busy delivery of the scene. Today we take a look at.
Stainless steel mesh products need to test, including width, length, mesh, wire diameter, material, whether there is a network disease. Inspection of stainless steel mesh will be qualified for packaging.
First with kraft paper to wrap the Stainless steel wire mesh, wrapped in plastic sheeting in the middle, put the middle of the stainless steel wire mesh specifications. Finally, the tape is used to seal the opening.

The second is the wooden box. The bottom of the wooden box will put a layer of foam. To avoid damage to the Stainless steel wire mesh in the transport process.
Finally, the Stainless steel wire mesh will be forklift loaded onto the truck. Transport to Tianjin Port, waiting for sailing, after a period of time the customer will receive our goods.
We use advanced processing machines to process the raw materials. Experienced workers inspect Stainless steel wire mesh. In every aspect of guaranteeing the quality of products, customer satisfaction.
Internal use of advanced ERP management system to ensure zero delivery error.
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