Ordinary carbon steel compared to the higher investment costs so that stainless steel wire mesh has been unable to be used as ordinary structural parts. However, there are more and more factors in assessing the overall cost of structural components, such as corrosion resistance, especially in coastal areas, reducing maintenance costs and reducing maintenance costs will have a huge impact on the overall life cycle cost, and its internal microstructure For the ferrite, the chromium mass fraction in the range of 11.5% to 32.0%. With the increase in chromium content, its acid resistance is also improved, adding molybdenum (Mo), you can improve the acid corrosion resistance and stress corrosion resistance. This type of stainless steel mesh of the national standard grades are 00Cr12, 1Cr17, 00Cr17Mo, 00Cr30Mo2, and so on.

According to their organization can be divided into three categories: precipitation hardening semi-austenitic, precipitation hardening martensitic, and precipitation hardening austenitic stainless steel mesh. Included in China’s national standard plate grades are 0Cr17Ni7A, 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb, and 0Cr15Ni7M02Al three is a precipitation hardening semi-austenitic stainless steel mesh. The steel is characterized by austenite plus a ferrite structure with a volume fraction of 5% to 20% in the solid solution or annealed state. This kind of steel after a series of heat treatment or mechanical deformation treatment of austenite into martensite, and then through the aging precipitation hardening to achieve the required high strength.