DeXiangRui Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd produces and sales stainless steel wire mesh mainly.It has developed into a modern enterprise in production and sales various stainless steel wire mesh.We produce all kinds of stainless steel wire mesh,wire mesh diameter,the specification of stainless steel wire,weaving patterns,length,width etc,to production according to the specific requirements of customers.We keep regular stock of stainless steel wire mesh in large quantity.

What’s the stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is called stainless steel mesh,it’s the wire mesh that stainless steel wire woven,including plain stainless steel wire mesh,stainless steel square wire mesh and stainless steel dutch weave filter cloth.

Stainless steel wire mesh production process

Stainless steel wire mesh production process is rigorous because of its high quality.Stainless steel wire mesh production process as follows:
First: technical staff select high quality stainless steel wire;
Second: the staff debugged machinery and equipment,then the stainless steel wire that was selected for processing according to customer specifications;
Third: inspect stainless steel wire mesh,cut the length of customer needs.
Fourth: processing wire mesh surface.

Features of stainless steel wire mesh

First: : Complete product specification and various materials
Second: High accuracy size
Third: Excellent surface quality
Fourth: Strong corrosion resistance
Fifth: Packaging intact and Preferential price
Sixth: specialized tailor-made

Application of stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh and its products are widely used in industrial production and people’s lives.The Stainless steel filter mesh of chemical industry,metallurgy industry and Environmental Industry replace Nylon mesh,plastic mesh etc gradually,it’s more superiority at high temperature and corrosive environment;stainless steel window screening is Popularity in the coastal city,beautiful and practical;stainless steel wire cloth is necessarily for bulletproof vests.