As a stainless steel wire mesh purchaser, how do you balance product quality and cost?

The quality in the procurement process mainly comes from the quality of stainless steel raw materials and the quality of wire mesh suppliers.

The quality of raw materials is mainly reflected in the quality and delivery of the wire mesh products. It is necessary to choose suppliers with quality management systems and suppliers with product certification.

Establish clear quality standards with wire mesh suppliers. Stainless steel wire mesh mainly includes 7 specifications: material, mesh, aperture, wire diameter, width, length, and weight. Before shipment, you ask the supplier to provide inspection photos of the 7 specifications of the wire mesh.

Improve the quality of procurement personnel, the high-quality procurement team can make supply management with high efficiency, and can scientifically judge and prevent procurement risks while pursuing cost reduction.

Good communication skills, familiarity with the raw material market, and market acumen also determine the purchase price and quality.