For the stainless steel wire mesh buyers, every day will receive hundreds of thousands of letters of development. In so many development letters, how to choose high-quality manufacturers is a distressing problem.
First, Face to Face. Remove the traders. Observe the seller has no factory. This will remove most of the traders, but there are some traders who have cooperation in the factory. When the buyer made a video call, the buyer’s salesman will drive to reach the cooperation of the factory, disguised as a factory clerk. And some of the producers will open offices in the field, only the office, no factories. Then, Quality Certification. Such as ISO9000, SGS, CCC, CQC, IAF, MA, etc., any of which can be a certain extent to prove the strength and quality of the factory.

Third, Sample. Choose the right seller to sample them. Free Sample and free shipping are a basis for cooperation.
Fourth, Audits. After three steps of screening, this time already has a good supplier. If not the next decision can go to the sellers’ factory inspection.
Fifth, Inspection. Before each shipment, find a third party inspection agencies to test the product to be issued, qualified to allow the seller to ship.
Through the five steps of screening and testing, the basic can buy the quality of stainless steel wire mesh that is qualified. If you think this five-step is a waste of time, I can recommend you DXR company.