No material errors, mainly reflected in the content of nickel, stainless steel, nickel content, for example, 304 is 8% -10%, but in China, 304 stainless steel nickel content of 8%, 9%, or if you want 10 % nickel content stainless steel mesh, need special instructions.
Wire diameter no error, some supplier particularly low prices, a large part of the wire diameter is in the margin of error. The actual wire diameter than the original wire diameter should be fine, so the weight of raw material used is reduced, thereby reducing costs.
There is no mesh error, mesh error is also a big way to reduce costs, lower mesh pore size becomes larger, the number of the raw material used is reduced, thereby reducing costs.

Therefore, imports of stainless steel wire mesh, when we must grasp the quality mark, can not be fooled by low prices, Chinese have a saying called: because they are cheap to suffer a great deal.

What’s the wire mesh be used for
The range of application of stainless steel wire and the field more and broader. Metal wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire. The products are used in various fields such as mining, petroleum, chemical industry, foodstuff, machine manufacture and so on. Stainless steel wire mesh oxidation resistance, wear-resistance and other characteristics can also be used as protective decoration industries.

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