I Love Basketball. Everyone has their own hobbies, some people like to swim, some people love football, some people love badminton, and I am no exception. My hobby is that I am good at basketball.
With the development of NBA and FBA, basketball is now the most popular fashion sport. Under the leadership of its artistic value and economic effects, it has become our most admired sports project. I love watching NBA, I love to watch them. Intense physical confrontation, I love to watch hot dunks, I prefer to watch rockets take off, I like their team awareness, I like their passionate performances, I like the extravagant tidbits, I like my idols the most. Tracy McGrady!
I have a special liking for basketball. I have an advantage in playing basketball. Because I am tall, I am excited when I take physical education classes. As long as I don’t play for a day, my heart is always uncomfortable and unreliable.
I started basketball from the first grade. At that time, my shooting percentage was very low, let alone the ball-handling skills. Due to the unremitting efforts in these two years, my basketball skills have improved a lot. I often play with people I don’t know.
I think playing basketball is a very meaningful activity. First of all, playing basketball is a collective movement. It is a group of players and another group, so the basketball game can show a spirit of collectiveism. Basketball has great benefits for the body. Since I played basketball, my body has been strong and strong every day. I have never been able to withstand the wind and rain, and I often catch a cold.
I love basketball. I like this little and round little thing because it gives me endless happiness. It is a visual impact that will bring people a thrill.