Stainless Steel Reverse Dutch Filter Mesh is also known as extruder filter screen, stainless steel filter screens. The reverse dutch weave wire mesh is made of high quality.high strength stainless steel wire production.

Size:Normally,the roll length is 10m,width is 40mm-210mm,the widest width can reach 50cm.Special requirement can be customized.
1.High Tensile Warp wire for Auto-Screen changers used in the Plastic Extrusion Industry.
2.Rubbed Edges after slitting to help with tracking for Auto-Screen changers.
3.100% Inspection of Wire Cloth for critical applications such as sand screens and aerospace applications.

1. Apply to Austria Lenzing equipment and Germany, Japan and other countries of the wire drawing machine, cast film machine, coating machine filter.
2. Used for aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, machinery, plastic products, scientific research, transportation, and other industries.
3. Automatic belt filter plastic extrusion machine, plastic melt filter, belt filter presses.
4. It is suitable for the filtering of plastic wire drawing machines, stretch film machines and coating machines.

1.smooth surface, high hardness, no break, no deformation
2.resistant to high temperature, low temperature and corrosion
3.with excellent filtering performance can load high strength