In the project which generally need to be more solid,so many people use the material made of stainless steel,so that reduce the occurrence of failure in using,the application of stainless steel wire mesh is also widely.So how it is woven?

When weaving stainless steel wire mesh, all processed by the machine integration,And when weaving, we should pay attention to the thickness of stainless steel wire, we must note that they are the same thickness, not vary in size,which for the production of stainless steel mesh will have some impact,and the number of weaving is even number,not allowed to be odd number.If it’s odd number,maybe woven in the wrong place.When weaving, we must pay attention to the state of the machine.De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh company tips:weave stainless steel wire mesh is a technology, if you are not particularly familiar its weaving, must can’t weave a good quality stainless steel wire mesh.